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Science Gateway Seminar I

Course #: INTR-D 187S

This Freshman Seminar Course, Intr-D 187S/188S), is organized along a theme of inquiry-based learning for students and faculty. Each participant has a role in understanding topics that are prevalent in the scientific community along with developing new information that might form the basic science investments of the future. This is a two-semester sequence, two credits each semester. Successful completion of the sequence will fulfill student's First-Year Seminar requirement. Course content will vary with instructor, but will focus on discussion of topics with broad societal impact, and will have important scientific underpinnings, with a particular focus on science topics. Using this approach, students will become increasingly familiar with and experienced in scientific discourse, the scientific method, and important new scientific findings. Desired outcomes will focus on student developing discovery skills, becoming self-driven learners, learning to work in groups and being successful at the university. This course will maximize students' potential for success in the university and the scientific community. There will be two major writing assignments with feedback on all submitted work. Grading will be based on class participation (Wiki's, class interactions), written papers, and an inquiry-based examination.

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