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UTeach: Functions and Modeling

Course #: EDC U 375

In this course, students will engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand knowledge of the topics found in secondary mathematics. Students will collect data and explore a variety of situations that can be modeled using linear, exponential, polynomial, and trigonometric functions. Topics involving function properties and patterns, complex numbers, parametric equations, polar equations, vectors, and exponential growth and decay will be investigated. Explorations will involve the use of multiple representations, transformations, data analysis techniques (such as curve fitting) and interconnections among topics in algebra, analytic geometry, statistics, trigonometry, and calculus. The lab investigations will include use of various technologies including computers, calculators, and computer graphing software. Within each of the four units included in the course, the activities by which students learn are chosen and designed to do one of more of the following: 1. Take a second, deeper look at topics that have been exposed to previously;2. Illuminate the connections between secondary and college mathematics;3. Illustrate good (as opposed to the all too often poor, sometimes counterproductive) use of technology in teaching;4. Illuminate the connections between various areas of mathematics;5. Involvement as a student in serious (i.e., non-routine) problem solving;6. Engage in problem-based learning;7. Engage in non-routine applications of mathematics.This is a course designed to make students think.

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