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UTeach: Classroom Interactions

Course #: EDC U 275

This course continues the process of preparing students to teach mathematics, science, and engineering by providing opportunities to apply theories developed in Knowing and Learning in instructional settings. Students design and implement instructional activities informed by their own understanding of what it means to know and learn mathematics and science and then evaluate the outcomes of those activities on the basis of student artifacts (i.e., what students say, do, or create). An important focus of the course is on building students' awareness and understanding of equity issues and their effects on student learning. Students are provided frameworks for thinking about equity issues in the classroom and larger school settings, and they learn strategies for teaching students with learning differences and diverse backgrounds equitably. Additionally, the course introduces ways curriculum and technology are used in classroom settings to build relationships among teachers and students and provide access to learning opportunities for all.Students engage deeply with science and mathematics content, reflecting on their own and others' learning and problem solving, as well as the underlying structures of these disciplines and their relation to other fields of inquiry. In essence, Classroom Interaction is centered on a close examination of the interplay between teachers, students, content, and the world beyond schools, and how such interactions enable students to develop deep conceptual understanding. Students learn how content and pedagogy combine to make effective teaching.

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