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First Year Seminar: Transitions in the Discipline of Nursing

Course #: NURSNG 100G

This first year seminar focuses on enhancing students' capabilities in the areas of clear reading and writing, critical thinking, information technology and information literacy, team work, speaking and listening, and self-assessment within the context of understanding transitions in the who of nurses and the what and where of nursing practice across the millennia. The influences of philosophy, religion, education, and societal norms on the evolving roles of nurses will be discussed. The influence of transitions in scientific knowledge, including nursing core concepts and essential competencies for quality and safety, on the what of nursing practice also will be discussed. In addition, the influence of global geo-political concerns and health-related policies on where nursing is practices will be discussed.

Pre Requisites: Co-req: ENGL 101 and BIOL 111 or BIOL 207

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