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Elementary Arabic I

Course #: ARABIC 101

Arabic 101 is designed for students with no previous knowledge, or very limited knowledge of the Arabic language. The first part of this course focuses on learning the script, sound and writing systems in Arabic. Building upon these skills, in the second part of the course, we will focus on the four communication skills (reading, speaking, listening and writing) of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). We will also immerse ourselves in Arabic language and culture through various activities designed around the audio-visually enhanced Maha and Khalid, and their family storyline.

Section Class Number Schedule/Time Instructor Location
201 9468 Sa
11:45 - 2:45 pm
Mouhib,Abdelkrim University Hall Y04-4100
Session: Regular
Class Dates: 01/22/2024 - 05/08/2024
Capacity: 25
Enrolled: 24
Status: Closed
Credits: 4/4
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Pre Requisites:
Course Attributes: World Languages