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American Society and Culture, 1600-1860

Course #: AMST 210

Documents, diaries, letters, essays, fiction, and art, along with secondary historical and anthropological sources, are used to compare the dreams and realities of men's and women's lives in America from the first contact between European explorers and Native Americans up through the Age of Reform (1830-60). Topics include visions of landscape and nature; contrasting cultures of Indians and Anglo-Americans; family and ''women's place''; slavery; working class organization; and women's rights.
Pre Requisites:
Pre-req = ENGL 102

Section Class Number Schedule/Time Instructor Location
01 13057 TuTh
8:00 - 9:15 am
Hess,John W Wheatley W01-0031
Session: Regular
Class Dates: 09/03/2024 - 12/13/2024
Capacity: 30
Enrolled: 10
Status: Open
Credits: 3/3
Class Notes:
Pre Requisites: Pre-req = ENGL 102
Course Attributes: United States, Humanities