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Quantitative Methods

Course #: SOCIOL 651

This class provides introductory training for graduate students in the interpretation, analysis, and presentation of quantitative data for the social sciences. The course covers descriptive statistics, data visualization, cross-tabulation and regression analysis for social data. It also provides introductory training for computer-based statistical analyses; no prior experience with statistical software is required.

Pre Requisites: GRADUATE Degree Students Only

Offered in:

2024 Spring

Section Class Number Schedule/Time Instructor Location
01 12045 Tu
3:00 - 5:45 pm
Contreras,Christopher W04-0022
Session: Regular
Class Dates: 01/22/2024 - 05/08/2024
Capacity: 15
Enrolled: 15
Status: Closed
Credits: 3/3
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Pre Requisites: GRADUATE Degree Students Only
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