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Entrepreneurship Internship/Practicum

Course #: MBAMGT 669

The Entrepreneurship Practicum course is a live experience for students who want to participate in the entrepreneurial start-up business process. The course is designed for those enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Specialization, and it will also accept selected student on a case by case basis with the requisite experience in and commitment to entrepreneurial and high-tech ventures. In addition to lectures, presentations and in-depth interactions between students and the Entrepreneur in residence each student will participate in an internship or be an employee with a start-up company connected to the Venture Development Center or through he University's venture capital backed start-up network, or through the students own efforts. Companies must be notified by the student that they are taking this course based on their internship or employment before enrollment in this program.

Pre Requisites: Pre-requisite: MBAMGT 667

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