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Global Health and Development: Concepts, Policies, and Practice

Course #: gghs 716

The course examines the evolution, key concepts and practice of global health as an emergent field. It is concerned with engaging and exploring the dominant themes, key relationships, and central questions that radiate from the trans-disciplinary field of global health. The aim is for students to critically engage the global public health questions and concerns introduced in the course. Students will apply analytical thinking skills to understand a range of global public health and development problems and trends, implications, and responses.

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01 14024 Th
4:00 - 6:45 pm
Sprague,Courtenay Creighton W04-0028
Session: Regular
Class Dates: 09/05/2023 - 12/13/2023
Capacity: 20
Enrolled: 3
Status: Open
Credits: 3/3
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