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Advanced Quantitative Research Methods I

Course #: EHS 825L

The goal of this required, core course is to provide expertise in empirical research methods. Students will make an in-depth examination of methods used in exercise and health science research. Students will critically analyze scientific, peer-reviewed research, provide critical analysis in written and oral form, and take a leadership role in facilitation group discussions such as semi-structured journal clubs. Skills in methodology will be developed starting from generation hypotheses based on theories and literature reviews to data collection and management. Students will become proficient at developing proposals for valid empirical studies including descriptive and experimental designs to test hypotheses. Ethical issues related to research and concepts of statistics and measurements will be covered to complement required research courses such as EHS 820 Professional and Ethical Issues in EHS and NURSNG 760 Biostatistics courses. Students will prepare and present a research proposal as part of the course.

EHS 825L and NURSNG 825L are the same course

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