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Sustainability Science: Environment, Economy and Equity

Course #: BIOL 654

Sustainability science is an emerging field combining tools from biology, ecology, evolution, economics and sociology (as well as political science, history and philosophy) to address complex problems of society's relationship with the natural world and natural resources. This course gives an overview of key issues in sustainability science, including oncoming climate change, economic globalization, population growth and movement, biodiversity loss and homogenization, fossil fuel use and alternative energy sources. It models a 'problem-based' approach to scientific research, in contrast to a more traditional 'tool-based' approach. It explicitly explores the interface between research and a policy action. Drawing on our own research and that of others, we focus particularly on the relationships among ecosystem services, economics, and equity across social groups, gender, and geography. At the end of the semester, UMB will hold an inter-departmental, public mini-symposium featuring 3-4 eminent speakers on sustainability science , along with opportunities for student interaction.

Pre Requisites: Pre-requisite = Graduate degree student in Biology or permission.

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